This wild and wonderful journey of mine has led me to a gemstone full of teachings and wisdom I could have never imagined in my wildest dreams. Teachings that have brought me back to my truth, brought me out of the darkness and taught me the most valuable lessons. A space in which I become a vessel. A vessel of knowledge that is channeled to me from my past and present teachers, gurus and the universal consciousness that we are all connected too. Kundalini Yoga has brought me home again and here is where I shall stay in order to not only elevate myself but elevate all those who I come in contact with. I shall do my absolute best with the knowledge and capacity that I have in that exact moment. I will do my best to bring these teachings to my students, through my own authenticity, while keeping them pure and full of the beauty that they already encompass.

Sat Nam and Wahe Guru,

Ellen – Amrita Bhajan Kaur 


The Kundalini Yoga Collective, Newtown – Saturday’s 8:30am – 9:45am (Amrita Bhajan)

I hope that if you are led to this page for whatever reason and happen to be in Sydney, that you will pop in on a beautiful Saturday morning and come and experience this beautiful practice with me. Everyone is welcome. There is no judgement. It is a safe space for you to come and just be and allow whatever needs to unfold. All you need to bring is yourself. Everything is provided (mats, blankets, cushions, water) I will be there to guide you, and the teachings will be there to guide me.