Hi, I’m Ellen.

I could tell you what I do for a living or *insert here* something that will make me seem like a ‘validated’ human but, all I believe I am or need to be is a young woman on a journey, like all of you.

A journey that entails digging into the deepest parts of myself, whether it’s immersing myself in my music, meditation and yoga, or eating the most pure plant-based foods or even just being with Mother Nature. It all has one driving force and intention behind it and that is ‘Inner Peace.’

I think this inner peace is what we are all truly chasing in this life (even if we may not be aware of yet) and why not? We all deserve to free ourselves from the shackles of this ‘society’ we have created and the square box we all think we must fit into too. We all deserve to do what we love, acknowledge the truest parts of ourselves, not just here and there but every single day. After all, we are all humans that are equal, beautiful, uniquely hand-woven creations. We forget how insanely incredible it is to be a living, breathing organism – it’s a miracle!

So If you like, come and share this journey with me and we may just find that those rare, beautiful glimpses of enlightenment aren’t so rare after all.

Love and Light,