I am not shy, I am anxious

I am not unmotivated, I am overwhelmed

I am not unreliable, I am paralysed

I am not unavailable, I am fearful

I am not an introvert, I am cautious

I am not scattered, I am confused

I am not an emotional wreck, I am simply, a sensitive human being.

I feel deeply

profoundly, maybe a little too much

I feel loss, pain

I am misunderstood

I often feel alone in a crowd of people

I question everything.

life. myself. existence


I also feel euphoria

I feel over whelming love

love that engulfs my entire being

and vibrates out from my heart to yours

I feel compassion, empathy

I feel excitement

I have dreams, big ones

I feel overwhelmed

I feel my dreams slipping

A fantasy that only I can see when I close my eyes

I like to close my eyes

I feel alive when I am surrounded by nature

I feel present, peaceful

limitless, whole

I feel the earth as she holds me

and as she weeps for her children

I feel all of me, I feel all of you

I feel the devastation and the elation all at once

I feel it

I feel it all.

©2018 Ellen Mara




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