The Quest For Inner Peace – Introduction


Hi, I’m Ellen.

This is purely a platform to express myself freely and share snippets of memoirs and journal writings that I have poured from my soul to paper over the past years.

All of these writings have all had one particular intention, one driving force and that is, a quest for inner peace.

This mind-boggling journey that I have been on, and will always be on is about finding a way to live in the most purest of form, whether it is unraveling the deeper, darker parts of myself through meditation, yoga and music, eating only the most pure plant-based foods or simply trying my best to live as one with Mother Earth in a time where Mother Earth seems to have been forgotten.
It is a tough journey at that, especially as we as humans have over-time created an almost ‘fake world’ in which we spend most of our lives trying so hard to validate ourselves with superficial comforts such as what career we have, how much money we have, what car we own, how big our house is, what brand of clothing we choose to cover ourselves with and thus, only surrounding ourselves with people that fit into that claustrophobic square.

For me, this has never been the case. I have always seemed to have been an odd, oblong shape trying to force myself into that claustrophobic square which has only brought me the utmost suffering, pain and inner turmoil that has more than once tried to persuade me that I don’t deserve to live on this earth because I do not fit into this shape. I have dabbled over the fact that I don’t belong here, I am perhaps an alien, an imposter but as of recently, I have realised I am indeed a human. A human that has core values as deep as the roots of the trees and a heart as big as the sky above us and with this comes intense emotions on all levels that I once saw as a burden, but now see as a blessing.

To feel on such an intense level, is to experience life on such a heightened level. When high, I am flying, when low, I am in despair. This is who I am, I know there are many the same. So to my fellow souls on a similar journey, I ask of you to never give up your quest for inner peace while you reside on this small planet that we call Earth. Because you are the ones that will make this world a brighter, more beautiful place.

Love and light,

Photo Credit: Edwin Perry from Insightful Adventure Life Coaching

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